About ourselves

Foto: Hüppe

The “Internationale Frauenclub Club Kassel e. V.” (International Women´s Club Kassel, registered association) is a registered philanthropic club, founded in 1949. The founders were the wives of American officer`s, who gave the club the name “German-American Women’s Club”. Their goal was to reduce prejudices toward other nations and to reach understanding for one another through the exchange of thoughts about cultural and social topics.
The focus of the club’s work today is to support international understanding between German and  American women.

Our goals:
To foster understanding between German women and women of all nations through cultural, civic, and social exchange of thoughts in the mutual interest of public life.
Our purpose is realized by attending cultural events, listening to guest speakers and traveling together.

The support of the international youth-help:
This takes place mainly through our financial support of exchange program for students and international “youth work”  under the umbrella organization of the "Verband der Deutsch-Amerikanischen Clubs Federation of German-American Clubs e. V.”.

Charitable help for needy children:
The “Internationaler Frauenclub Kassel e. V.“ (International Woman’s Club Kassel) selects and supports a different charitable organization each year. An agency that supports the needs of children is typically chosen.
Articles of Partnership are fulfilled selflessly.

The club finances goal achievement through membership dues, donations and the  proceeds of its fund raising activities.
The Advent-Tea which has been a popular and well-attended event for decades in Kassel is a key fundraiser as well as a social highlight for both club members and non-members alike.
The “Internationale Frauenclub Club Kassel e. V.” (International Woman´s Club Kassel) is member of the "Verband der Deutsch-Amerikanischen Clubs Federation of German-American Clubs e. V.”.
The club is the oldest and largest private German-American association and manages the organization and coordination for its member clubs:

The student exchange program:
Each year venues for studies are considered for proximately 28 American and German students at a partner University in the particular guest country.
The American students receive a scholarship from the association (at present monthly € 600,00). The German students in the USA are supported (amongst other things) by the remittance of study fees.

The Youth Program:
For German and American Youth forums 14 to 18 years courses are offered in Germany.
Beyond that a “home stay-program” - a youth-exchange of 4 weeks -  is organized.